Re: [thredds] ncml/THREDDS Aggregation of Swath Data follow up


What aggregation are you expecting? just on the 'along_track' dimension?


Antonio S. Cofiño
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        Ciencias de la Computación
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On 5/5/20 19:46, Ian Dimitri wrote:
Hello All,

Adding onto Michael's existing thread, I am working closely with him attempting to figure out the issue we are having with the aggregation of swath data that has a two-dimensional grid with track and cross-track coordinates. We have tried using FMRC, joinExisting, and joinNew file aggregation methods within THREDDS, all with no success.

We tried using many different aggregations methods
that exist within the ncWMS2 interface. We have tried doing the simple wildcard aggregation attempt by using the wildcard character (e.g. /ASCAT/nc_L2B_25_daily/2020/*.nc).

We have also tried to use the "Dynamic Services" that is also available through ncWMS2, but that also did not seem to work with the multi-dimensional swath data that we are
trying to aggregate.

Finally another method we tried was through geoserver, where we attempted to use the image mosaic option that it has but that option also proved to be a dead end.

None of the methods mentioned above worked properly, and we are wondering if anyone has had any success aggregating swath data with the methods, and would like to share any special steps that had to be taken to make said method work. Are there any other methods I did not mention above that could possibly be able to aggregate the multi-demensional swath data?

Any insight or help would be appreciated

unaggregated data

attempted aggregation with joinNew

Thank you,

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