Re: [thredds] THREDDS 4.3 WMS service. Error reading 'intervalTime'

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Detailed configuration of the WMS service.  This config file can be used to
set default styling parameters for each dataset/variable, and to enable or 
the GetFeatureInfo operation.

for more information.

        <!-- These settings apply to all datasets unless overridden below -->

            <!-- The global defaults. All elements are mandatory -->
            <defaultColorScaleRange>-50 50</defaultColorScaleRange>

            <!-- Use this section to set defaults per standard name -->
            <!-- Units must come from the UDUNITS vocabulary -->
            <standardName name="sea_water_potential_temperature" 
                <defaultColorScaleRange>11.5 28</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="sea_water_temperature" units="Celsius">
                <defaultColorScaleRange>11.5 28</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="sea_surface_height_above_sea_level" 
                <defaultColorScaleRange>-0.2 0.2</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="sea_water_salinity" units="">
                <defaultColorScaleRange>35.8 38.5</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="sea_water_potential_density" units="kg m-3">
                <defaultColorScaleRange>1025 1029</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="sea_water_velocity" units="meter second-1">
                <defaultColorScaleRange>0 1</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="barotropic_sea_water_velocity" units="meter 
                <defaultColorScaleRange>0 0.5</defaultColorScaleRange>
            <standardName name="mass_concentration_of_chlorophyll_in_sea_water" 
units="kg m-3">
            <!-- TODO: how about allowing "*fraction" to map to 0:1? -->
            <!-- TODO: how about allowing multiple standard names to map to the 
same settings,
                 either through a glob expression or through a list? -->

        <datasetPath pathSpec="testAll/*">
            <!-- Will apply to all paths that match the path spec above -->
                <!-- These will apply to all variables in this path unless 
overridden below -->

                <!-- Configure variables individually according to their 
internal ID.
                     This is the most specific setting and will override any 
others -->
                <variable id="Z_sfc">
                    <defaultColorScaleRange>10 20</defaultColorScaleRange>

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