Re: [thredds] Godiva2 & cropped images (4.3.14-SNAPSHOT)

Dear Rob,

This is probably far too late, but the problem here is that the Godiva2 client 
uses the bounding box of the map to generate the links to the test image and to 
the Google Earth kmz file.  GIS systems like OpenLayers usually constrain the 
bounding box to be in the range [-180:180] longitude, although the underlying 
WMS is less strict.  Therefore if you manually edit the URL you can get the 
result you want, at least for the test image.  (I'm not sure if that works or 
not for Google Earth, since GE might also place the same restriction on 
longitude values.  It may be that we would have to generate two images, one 
either side of the anti-meridian, to make it work in GE.)

This is a known issue in GIS-like systems but could be worked around in 
THREDDS/ncWMS/Godiva2 with a bit of thought.  I don't think there's anything 
you can add to the metadata to help.  I'll put this on my list, but I'm afraid 
I can't guarantee a fix in the short term!

Best wishes,


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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 10:11:50 -0900
From: Rob Cermak <jrcermakiii@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [thredds] Godiva2 & cropped images (4.3.14-SNAPSHOT)
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Hi!  I was testing out the latest TDS snapshot.  I've run across some problems 
that I'd like to report.

   - Server: [image: THREDDS Data Server] THREDDS Data Server
   - Webapp Name: THREDDS Data Server
   - Webapp Version: 4.3.14-SNAPSHOT
   - Webapp Version Build Date: 20121020.1514
   - Abstract: Scientific Data

Dataset: grab one of WRF (wrfout) from here:

Summary: Godiva2 shows the fields just fine, but clicking on "test image"
or "Open in Google Earth" produces a cropped image.  Adjusting the  long 
variable I can obtain the full field.  "Fit layer to window" does not center 
over the dataset.  Moving the view does show the entire layer properly.

It looks like the server is open to the Internet so the links should work.
 I will attach some snapshots just in case.


Clicking on test image gives:,39.821965700053,-114.54157269436,76.714340992019&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256

If I adjust the BBOX to say -190.0, I can get the full field.,39.821965700053,-114.54157269436,76.714340992019&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256

I believe this seems like a computational error for datasets that drape over 
180 degree line.  The image for google earth is also cropped (attached).

Is there metadata info we can add to the NetCDF file to the catalog make it 
better behaved?

Rob Cermak (cermak@xxxxxxxxxx)
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center(UAF)
Life Sciences Informatics(IAB/UAF) Support
907-450-8638 (WRRB 105/Cube 109;WRRB 222)
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