Re: [thredds] how to run two THREDDS instances on the same machine?

Hi John,

We're trying to run two instances of TDS on the same machine. One has the
> latest stable release and is intended for public use. The other has the
> latest snapshot (alpha/beta release) and is intended for private use. We
> essentially wanted to start testing new features in TDS 4.3, especially
> with regards to transitioning our data to CF 1.6 for use by ncSOS.

By the way - one of the issues we encountered with having multiple RAMADDAs
running in one Tomcat is hitting the limits of open file handles in the

FYI - the Chinese Met Agency is successfully running 200+ separate RAMADDAs
in one Tomcat server, e.g.:

This is one for every county in Sichuan province.

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