Re: [thredds] how to run two THREDDS instances on the same machine?

Hi John,

Instead of renaming the webapps/thredds directory to (I assume)
webapps/thredds-test, try renaming the thredds.war file to
thredds-test.war and then deploying it.

Two other things:

1) Edit the web.xml file and change the value of the
   "ContentPath" context parameter in the web.xml file
   from "thredds" to "thredds-test".

2) Not sure this one is necessary. But you might also
   need to edit the file in the
   directory. Change the value of tds.content.path from
   "thredds" to "thredds-test".

Give that a try and let us know how it goes.


PS At some point soon, these two requirements should go away and simply
renaming the .war file will work. Here's some more detail ...

These two requirements come from a kludgy work around we put in for some
older servlet limitations (pre-servlet 2.5). TDS 4.3 requires Tomcat 6
(which implements the Servlet 2.5 specification) so we can now get rid
of these requirements. But this change isn't in 4.3 yet and won't be in
4.3.14. I'm hoping we'll get it in to 4.3.15.

On 11/7/2012 11:02 PM, John Maurer wrote:
> Hi THREDDS Users,
> We're trying to run two instances of TDS on the same machine. One has
> the latest stable release and is intended for public use. The other has
> the latest snapshot (alpha/beta release) and is intended for private
> use. We essentially wanted to start testing new features in TDS 4.3,
> especially with regards to transitioning our data to CF 1.6 for use by
> ncSOS.
> To do this, I set up a separate Tomcat instance running on a separate
> port number from our public TDS. While this works fine within our
> firewall, we wanted to expose the test TDS through our proxy so that
> external developers helping us with issues (e.g. ASA for ncSOS issues,
> or Unidata for TDS issues) could access our test TDS outside of our
> firewall. But the problem is that both versions end up pointing to the
> same proxy URL, as I explain below. Here is the set up:
> Behind our firewall (not publicly accessible):
> TDS 4.2:
> TDS 4.3:
> Proxy set up (for public access):
> TDS 4.2:
> TDS 4.3:
> The problem is that last URL for TDS 4.3:
> This automatically redirects
> to (TDS 4.2). It would seem that the
> URL path for TDS must as a requirement have a base directory of
> "thredds". is that true? Even though I have tried to name the TDS 4.3
> proxy "thredds-test", TDS apparently automatically redirects this to
> "thredds", which is our TDS 4.2. I have tried renaming the "thredds"
> directory within Tomcat's webapps and content directories without
> success. So... anybody have a suggestion for a workaround?? I'm crossing
> my fingers that somebody on this list has run across this same problem.
> If so, I would much appreciate any tips!
> Cheers,
> John Maurer
> Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)
> University of Hawaii at Manoa
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