[thredds] Problem with projection for ncss and wms services in version 4.3.13?

I have recently substituted the thredds 4.2.10 version by 4.3.13  and
have realized that ncss and wms services in this last version are not
properly projecting a netcdf file I have (attached). However former
version did it properly. 
The test I make to see if the projection works is to look at the
geographical bounds that should be:
43.4789-43.4496N, -2.8979--2.8587W
The newer version gives me the following bounds: 
46.8273--468566, 177.1082-177.1498
Is this a bug, or should I change something in the
metadata/configuration files to comply with  the newer version?...
Thank you for your help,
Yolanda Sagarminaga

Attachment: bimep_2.nc
Description: bimep_2.nc

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