Re: [thredds] Albers or LCC supported as a WMS projection on the TDS?


That's great that Albers, LCC and others should work with TDS 4.3 WMS.

That means it should work on:
which is at TDS 4.3.15.

So on that server, I can get this WMS request to work using EPSG:4326:,13.676912081443,-76.323087918557,65.515368122164&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256

But I can't get anything else to work.

Can you provide a modified version of the above request that works for
Albers (EPSG:9822) or LCC (EPSG:9802)


On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 11:55 AM, Ethan Davis <edavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> Even if a CRS is not listed, both ncWMS and TDS WMS can handle requests
> for any CRS supported by the underlying GeoToolkit library. The CRS
> database in TDS 4.2 does not contain EPSG CRS 9822 or 9802. However,
> they should both be available in TDS 4.3. So, if you are trying this on
> a TDS 4.3, you can just give it a try.
> As for the WMS GetCapabilities CRS list, it is currently not user
> configurable. For TDS 4.3 it would simply be a matter of a minor code
> change (adding the two EPSG numbers to a list) and then rebuilding. It
> is a bit more work in TDS 4.2, but not much harder, along with adding
> the EPSG number to a list, we would need a WKT for each of the new
> projections. (The CRS WKT needs to be in a form the GeoToolkit can read.)
> We've kept the list to a minimum because in earlier versions we listed
> all available projections and the list got quite large.
> Are you using TDS 4.3? Do you need these CRS to be in the list or is
> being able to request them enough?
> Cheers,
> Ethan
> On 10/17/2012 8:17 AM, Rich Signell wrote:
>> TDS folks,
>> What would it take to get Albers or LCC supported as a projection on
>> the TDS WMS?
>> According to the WMS getCapabilities (for example:
>> the supported projections are:
>> <Title>Motherlode TDS</Title>
>> <CRS>EPSG:4326</CRS>
>> <CRS>CRS:84</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:41001</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:3857</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:27700</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:3408</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:3409</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:32661</CRS>
>> <CRS>EPSG:32761</CRS>
>> Okay, so we don't see Albers Equal Area (EPSG:9822) or Lambert Conformal
>> Conic 2SP (EPSG:9802) on the list.
>> But  TDS WMS is based on ncWMS, and on the ncWMS FAQ at:
>> it says that ncWMS "can produce images in any projection that is
>> supported by the GeoTools library".
>> And it appears that GeoTools can support both Albers and LCC:
>> So would it be straightforward (or perhaps even easy) to allow the TDS
>> WMS to support these?
>> Thanks,
>> Rich
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