Re: [thredds] controlling WMS colorbar scale

Hi Tom,

ncWMS provides some styling capabilities through some non-standard WMS parameters: colorscalerange, numcolorbands... You can find more information about those parameters here: Besides, in TDS, you can set the values for those parameters or displaying properties in the wmsConfig.xml configuration file.
Here is the documentation about it:

Hope it helps,

On 08/29/2012 10:53 AM, tom cook wrote:
I really don't have any idea about the functionality of WMS, other than using the Godiva2. We had a user complain that the portions of the gridded data they were receiving through TDS/WMS query were blacked out due to exceeding the colorbar scale. My question, is there a way to set the colorbar limits for WMS through TDS query?
Sorry for my ignorance, thanks in advance.

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