Re: [thredds] Error in Quartz when using non-unique FMRC names

Hi Kyle:

I will try adding the object hash to the name to guarantee a unique id for quartz.

The main concern is to get readable logs in


From that POV, I would recommend that unique names are used. One can also put a name on the collection element, which will be used if its present. However, Im not doing that on motherlode, because there's too many damn names.

Thanks for reporting this problem.


On 6/13/2012 9:17 AM, Kyle Wilcox wrote:
It appears Quartz is using the 'name' attribute on a featureCollection for a 
unique ID internally.  Since the 'name' attribute on a featureColllection does 
not have to be unique within a THREDDS catalog, it is possible to break the job 

Should Quartz be using the "path" of a dataset to uniquely identify an update job rather 
than the "name"?

[2012-06-13T16:51:37.791+0200] ERROR thredds.inventory.CollectionUpdater: 
cronExecutor failed to schedule startup Job for Config{name='Domain1',...}
org.quartz.ObjectAlreadyExistsException: Unable to store Job with name: 
'Domain1' and group: 'UpdateCollection', because one already exists with this 

Example config that will generate the error (two different datasets with the same 
"name='Domain1'").  Live here:

<dataset name="UCA2D">
   <featureCollection name="Domain1" path="fmrc/uca2d/Domain1" featureType="FMRC" 
     <collection spec="C:/ProductionData/UCA2D/Domain1/**/.*\.nc$"
                     recheckAfter="15 min"
                     olderThan="5 min"/>

     <update startup="true" rescan="0 */12 * * * ? *" />

<dataset name="UCA3D">
   <featureCollection name="Domain1" path="fmrc/uca3d/Domain1" featureType="FMRC" 
     <collection spec="C:/ProductionData/UCA3D/Domain1/**/.*\.nc$"
                     recheckAfter="15 min"
                     olderThan="5 min"/>

     <update startup="true" rescan="0 */12 * * * ? *" />
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