[thredds] Modifying GRIB collection with NcML

I'm working off the tds4.3 documentation for FeatureCollections and at the end it describes modifying the component files of the collection with NcML. I would like to do this for a GRIB type of FeatureCollection, but I cannot seem to get it to pick up any of my modifications. Is this feature allowed for type GRIB, and if so what am I doing wrong?

My catalog looks like so:
<featureCollection name="RFC" featureType="GRIB" harvest="true" path="grib/NPVU/RFC">
<collection spec="/home/test/qpe/**/QPE\.#yyyyMMdd#\.009\.1..$"
                olderThan="5 min"/>
<netcdf xmlns="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/netcdf/ncml-2.2";>
<attribute name="test" value="value" />

And everything works, but test=value does not show up in my global attributes.

Jordan Walker
Center for Integrated Data Analytics (CIDA)
USGS WI Water Science Center
8505 Research Way Middleton WI 53562

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