Re: [thredds] wget and thredds server

Hi Patrick,

> I would like to synchonize some netcdf files available from
> a THREDDS Data Server with a local repository.
> I have used the wget command and HTTPServer access from
> the TDS but it seems that the server does not provide enough
> or correct informations to use properly the --timestamp option
> of wget (very useful to synchronize).
> Read

Either the TDS does not respond to a HEAD request or it is sending back a
wrong Last-Modified or Content-Length http response.

Your message prompted me to look at how RAMADDA handles head requests and
it now (after a long nightmare of updating to a new version of Jetty)
correctly supports the Last-Modified and Content-Length responses.

I'm not sure what TDS repository you are accessing but if its Unidata's
motherlode than once the Unidata folks update the version of ramadda
running you could use the ramadda download services.

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