Re: [thredds] [OT] - COAMPS BInary to …..


On 4/17/12 3:21 PM, Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
Sorry this is OT, but it could really help an important project that we have 
ongoing.  Does anyone have code that will take the (flat) binary output 
produced from some COAMPS runs and convert it to (NetCDF, Grib, hdf)?  We are 
indifferent as to exactly which format it gets converted to, as long as it 
produces output that can be stuck in thredds.  We have the code to read the 
binary, but that is not the same as correctly writing it out into one of the 
other formats.

If you can generate a GrADS Data Descriptor File (ctl) that describes binary, you can use the netCDF-Java GrADS IOSP that I wrote to convert it.

I think you can do the conversion using:

java ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset -in <fileIn> -out <fileOut>

which should work for any IOSP.  In this case, fileIn would be the ctl file.

TDS might be able to just serve up the data if you point to the ctl file, but I'm not sure. Perhaps Ethan or John could comment on that.

Don Murray

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