Re: [thredds] cannot figure out why WCS won't work with this FMRC

Hi John:

Nothing obviously wrong here.

Can you look and see if theres any messages in the logs. Probably it would be in models.log and/or featureCollectionScan.log. You can just send me the whole thing if you want.


On 4/11/2012 5:26 AM, John Maurer wrote:
P.S. To make sure, I checked that my files are CF compliant at and all looks good. After trying several more things, I still cannot see what is wrong. Seems strange that all other services besides WCS would work (including WMS, NCSS, OPeNDAP, ISO, NcML). Perhaps a bug in the FMRC-to-WCS side of things? Though I don't see what's tripping it up since I have other FMRC's whose WCS works fine. Note that some variables are 3-D (surface elevation) while others are 4-D (temperature, salinity, u/v velocities). Anyways, hoping somebody can eventually give this a look. I realize Unidata's swamped with 4.3 right now, so maybe after that sometime...
John Maurer

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:04 AM, John Maurer <jmaurer@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:jmaurer@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    I'm stumped: any ideas why the following regular gridded FMRC
    dataset produces an empty WCS capabilities document (no
    variables/coverages get listed; ContentMetadata section is
    entirely missing)?:

    In particular, I'm looking at the Best Time Series at:

    Whose WCS URL is this:

    The other services all work fine, including OPeNDAP, NCSS, WMS,
    ISO, and NcML.

    Although the original ROMS ocean forecast model was on a
    curvilinear grid (which WCS cannot handle), we've regridded onto a
    regular grid. One positive outcome of this was that I should be
    able to turn on WCS for it now (so that people can download
    GeoTIFFs); however, I'm not having any luck yet. The logs are not
    showing anything useful. threddsServlet.log just shows this:

    2012-04-04T23:19:53.210 -1000 [    847655][     643] INFO  -
    thredds.server.wcs.WCSServlet - Remote host: -
    Request: "GET
    2012-04-04T23:19:53.214 -1000 [    847659][     643] INFO  -
    thredds.server.wcs.v1_0_0_1.WcsHandler - Request Completed - 200 -
    -1 - 4

    I have other regular gridded FMRC's whose WCS works fine; one
    example (NCOM):

    In case it helps, I've placed my catalog file and one of the data
    files (174 MB) on anonymous FTP:

    ftp <>
    cd jmaurer
    get ocn_mod_hiig.xml

    Thanks for your help on this!,
    John Maurer
    Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)
    University of Hawaii at Manoa

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