Re: [thredds] [netcdf-java] Java to Python tools

On 4/3/2012 5:20 PM, John Caron wrote:
Hi all:

Anyone have experience with ways to wrap java in Python? We are thinking about how to solve this issue again.


Sorry to send such an unclear question. As Sean and Don said, we are looking for ways to be able to use the netcdf-Java (CDM) library from Python (not Jython). We have envisioned an IPC solution, exposing the CDM API through a web interface. Thats a lot of work that we havent yet found time for, so we are just looking at other options again.

Both Jype and JCC seem like possible candidates, both involve calling Java through JNI. My reservation is that you dont hear a lot of success stories of sharing the JVM with other complex processes. (calling C libraries from Java with JNI is more common, however). Thanks to Curtis and Lee for sharing their experiences there, and to Don and Stephan for further pointers. We dont use AWT in the CDM, but we do have some threading happening there, however i think its well behaved :^}

Jype looks like a one-developer project, without a large user base yet. JCC is part of PyLucene in Apache, and appears to have more people and users involved.

Does anyone know what Mathworks uses for Matlab to access Java? It appears to be something like Jype or JCC. Or perhaps they have a special purpose JVM?

Any other thoughts on this would be welcome.


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