[thredds] ncWMS and vector plots, point time-series as JSON

I'm working to provide browser/openlayers/javascript type GIS map images of
wind or current vector fields as barbs or arrows(speed+direction) from
provided model or in-situ U/V components and when clicking on a map point
providing time-series for the data at that point.  Currently I'm having to
go through some intermediate steps of converting data to shapefiles(which
take up storage space) for mapserver based vector styling and/or generated
image files at a fixed zoom level(less space used, but still some
supporting setup and processes).

Saw this earlier thread about possible thredds support for these vector
type plots(from u/v components), but haven't seen other mention or examples
since and just checking to see if any updates.


When doing a getFeatureInfo with ncWMS it's possible to get a single time
point - if ncWMS/thredds could support URL references for a time-series at
a point returned as JSON, that would also be very handy substitute for
existing work I'm doing writing my own custom wrapper scripts(pyDAP to

Jeremy Cothran
University of South Carolina
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