Re: [thredds] Best estimate feature collection and precipitation_amount

On 3/16/2012 5:32 AM, Heiko Klein wrote:

I would like to use the feature_collection to generate a Best-Estimate dataset. This works great for all parameters except for precipitation_amount.

The problem is, that precipitation is accumulated in time rather than a temporal excerpt, so for each run, precipitation at t=0 is 0, or, to express it more general, when running n-timesteps, we only get (n-1) values for accumulated data.

Is there a way to mark that one timestep as 'not to be used' for best estimates? It looks very strange when exactly one timestep is missing, exactly at the start of the newest run.

Best regards,


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Hi Heiko:

We have a way in the latest TDS 4.3 to remove (0,0) intervals. Sounds like what you want. Not sure when we can get a release out, but if you want to try it sooner, contact me off list.


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