Re: [thredds] Pb between OpenDap and THREDDS when netcdf file are modifed


I don't believe John ever responded as you had requested.
I did my best to try "featureCollection", but I got nowhere.
It doesn't help that the XSDs specify required elements
(for "update" and "filter") that are not mentioned in the
online documentation; the validation process that TDS runs
at start-up informed me of those errors.  I have no clue how
to correct them.  Here is the attempt I made:

<featureCollection name="SST_NOAA_OISST_V2_HighResFC" featureType="FMRC"
 harvest="true" path="Datasets/aggro/">
  name="SST_OISST_V2_HighResFC" olderThan="15 min" />
 <protoDataset choice="Latest" change="0 0 7 * * ? *" />
 <update startup="true" rescan="0 0 * * * ? *" />

My use of "filter" is as follows:

        <include wildcard="*.nc"/>
        <exclude wildcard="*.data"/>
        <exclude wildcard="*.f"/>
        <exclude wildcard="*.gbx"/>
        <exclude wildcard="*.txt"/>
        <exclude wildcard="README"/>

Someone want to tell me what I did wrong in each case?


> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject:      Re: [thredds] Pb between OpenDap and THREDDS when netcdf file 
> are modifed
> Date:         Thu, 23 Feb 2012 22:03:38 -0700
> From:         Ethan Davis <edavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To:   thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Hi Hoop,
> The dynamic dataset handling in the NcML aggregation code was designed
> to deal with the appearance of new datasets more than data being
> appended to existing datasets. The NcML aggregations are also limited to
> straight forward aggregations based on homogeneity of dimensions and
> coordinate variables; they don't use any coordinate system or higher
> level feature information that might be available. This makes straight
> NcML aggregation somewhat fragile and hard to generalize to more complex
> situations.
> FeatureCollections are designed to use the CDMs understanding of
> coordinate systems and feature types to both simplify configuration and
> make aggregations more robust and general.
> While the FMRC collection capability was designed for a time series of
> forecast runs, I believe it should handle a simple time series of grids
> as well. (John, can you add more information on this?)
> Ethan
> On 2/23/2012 3:21 PM, Hoop wrote:
>> Ethan,
>> This reminds me of an issue we are having, with version 4.2.7.
>> Here is the relevant snippet from our config:
>> <dataset name="SST NOAA OISST V2 HighRes" ID="SST_OISST_V2_HighRes"
>>     urlPath="Datasets/aggro/" serviceName="odap" 
>> dataType="grid">
>>     <netcdf xmlns="";>
>>         <aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting" recheckEvery="15 
>> min">
>>             <scan location="/Projects/Datasets/noaa.oisst.v2.highres/"
>>                   regExp="sst\.day\.mean\.....\.v2\.nc$" subdirs="false"/>
>>         </aggregation>
>>     </netcdf>
>> </dataset>
>> The behavior we are getting in our time series, which is based on
>> NetCDF files with a year's worth of time steps (or less), is as follows:
>> In between re-boots of Tomcat, new time steps added to the latest file
>> are not added to the aggregation.  However, if the calendar marches along
>> and a new file for a new year is added to our archive without rebooting
>> Tomcat, the timesteps for the new file are added, without the ones that
>> would complete the previous year, resulting in a discontinuity along the
>> time axis.  And someone somewhere may e-mail us complaining that our
>> OPeNDAP object is not CF-compliant because the time steps aren't all of
>> the same size.  %}
>> I looked at the featureCollection documentation link you gave, but since
>> our data are not forecasts, nor point data, nor in GRIB2 format, that
>> didn't seem the right fit.  Maybe I'm wrong; I'm severely sleep-deprived
>> right now....
>> We also have some time series in monthly files (to keep the individual
>> file size under 2 Gbytes).  We have not tried aggregating any of those
>> time series.  Could be an interesting challenge.
>> Thanks for any help.
>> -Hoop
>> On 02/23/12 14:23, thredds-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Ethan Davis wrote:
>>> Hi Claude,
>>> The version of the TDS running at is
>>> several years old (Version 4.0.26 - 20090831.2140). The current stable
>>> release is 4.2.9 (20111108.1758). You should probably upgrade as there
>>> have been lots of improvements.
>>> The TDS does some dataset caching which can greatly improve the
>>> performance for static datasets but causes some problems for dynamic
>>> datasets. The datasetScan configuration construct you are using does not
>>> deal specifically with dynamic datasets. A more recently introduced (in
>>> TDS 4.2) configuration construct, featureCollection, can deal with
>>> dynamic datasets. Here's a link to the featureCollection documentation:
>>> Hope that helps,
>>> Ethan
>>> On 2/22/2012 8:20 AM, Claude DEROGNAT wrote:
>>>> I have used OpenDap and THREDDS server to provide netcdf data since ? long 
>>>> time.
>>>> I currently develop a system that will model plumes in real time.
>>>> The model runs every 30 minutes. At the beginning of each day, it creates 
>>>> a result file then every 30 minutes the result file is overwritten with a 
>>>> new one containing the additional time frame.
>>>> I observed a strange behavior between Opendap and THREDDS in this case:
>>>>    - The file is continuously updated in the OpenDap server. 
>>>>    - The THREDDS catalog notices in the 'Dates' field that the file is 
>>>> updated (modified) 
>>>>    - but the Access/OpenDap target file are not modified and the available 
>>>> time frame stay the same since the last tomcat reboot. May I have to 
>>>> perform any modification in the thredds  configuration ? A attached you my 
>>>> threddsConfig.xml file...
>>>> Regards       
>>>> Ing. Claude DEROGNAT, PhD 
>>> Claude also wrote:
>>>> My IT said that the file I send you is an old one. My problem is
>>>> probably link to my THREEDS catalog. The question is so probably
>>>> to threeds mailing list. I send them my question on Monday just
>>>> after your message and I still have no response back ...
>>>> So, I send you my catalog if you can have a look to it you may
>>>> find why there a mismatch between
>>>> and
>>>> For instance,
>>>> why the second is continuously updated but doesn't allow the
>>>> access to the whole set of variables stored in NetCdf file.
>>>> Why the first one are not continuously updated even if the date
>>>> in the threeds catalogs presentation always mentioned the right
>>>> modified time ...
>>> catalog.xml:
>>>> [snip]
>>>>   <service name="multiService" base="" serviceType="compound">
>>>>     <service name="ncdods" serviceType="OPENDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
>>>>     <service name="httpService" serviceType="HTTPServer" 
>>>> base="/thredds/fileServer/" />
>>>>     <service name="wcsService" serviceType="WCS" base="/thredds/wcs/" />
>>>>   </service>
>>>> [snip]
>>>>     <datasetScan name=""
>>>>                  ID="/LENVIS/CHIMERE/CAMAC/reference/p00/dataset"
>>>>                  path="CHIMERE@CAMAC@reference@p00"
>>>>                  location="/data/nc/LENVIS/CHIMERE/CAMAC/reference/p00"
>>>>                  harvest="true">
>>>>        <sort>
>>>>          <lexigraphicByName increasing="false"/>
>>>>        </sort>
>>>>      </datasetScan>
>>>> [snip]
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