[thredds] Feature collection, some data have NaN values


We have configured a Forescat Model Run Collection from Wmed output (
Some files that generates the feature collection, such as the "Best time
series" file and the "Constant Forecast Date" files, contains data with NaN
values. I have check it through  godiva.

For example, all the data with date
NaN values, in the "Best time series" files too. I have checked the
original files and the data seems to be right with the same date

We have installed Thredds v.4.2.20 and in my PC I have installed the latest
version, with same results. The featureCollectionScan.log
and catalogInit.log doesn't show errors.



Kristian Sebastian Blalid
SOS Division: Data Center Technical
Tel: 971439860 - Fax: 971439979
E-mail: kristian.sebastian@xxxxxxxx <sonia.gomara@xxxxxxxx> /
kristian.sebastian@xxxxxx <sonia.gomara@xxxxxx>

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