[thredds] NcML aggregation of Lat/Lon on projected data (lambert_conformal_conic)


Maybe this question was asked before, but I could not find an easy answer -

I have netcdf files in Labert Conform Conic projection, with Lat/Lon vars added 
(each is dependent on the x, y values).  Each file is a fix-size box; and all 
boxes together makes up a larger region. A sample file is attached.

My question: I would like to know if it is possible to aggregate spatially 
along the Lat, or Lon using NcML?  It appears to be impossible on the surface, 
as Lat, Lon are not real dimensions, but just wonder if there might be some 
technique to accomplish this?

Thanks much in advance
-Jerry Pan

Attachment: vp_standard.nc
Description: vp_standard.nc