Re: [thredds] Pb between OpenDap and THREDDS when netcdf file are modifed

Hi All:
On Feb 23, 2012, at 2:21 PM, Hoop wrote:

> Ethan,
> I looked at the featureCollection documentation link you gave, but since
> our data are not forecasts, nor point data, nor in GRIB2 format, that
> didn't seem the right fit.  Maybe I'm wrong; I'm severely sleep-deprived
> right now....

Awhile back I wrote, and never got a response, that "featureCollection" 
appeared to now  be the preferred method to do aggregations, but the docs were 
really unclear as to how to do this for simple aggregations, or even if for the 
present version of TDS it is the preferred method.

What would really help is if it could be a clear statement as to whether 
featureCollection is the preferred method, if the what has been the usual 
method through "datascan" and the like will be deprecated in the future, and 
clear documentation on not only setting up aggregations using 
featureCollection, but good  (ie realistic, not trivial) examples of converting 
existing aggregations to featureCollection.



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