Re: [thredds] featureCollection error

On 12/14/2011 7:53 AM, Comiskey, Glenn wrote:
Can someone please confirm the meaning of the following error I am getting with <featureCollection></featureCollection>: [2011-12-14T14:46:21.897+0000] ERROR ucar.nc2.ft.fmrc.Fmrc: //fgwfnas1/data/fnl/grib1/**/.*grib$: makeFmrcInv failed [2011-12-14T14:46:35.802+0000] ERROR ucar.nc2.ft.fmrc.FmrcInv: mixed intervals for grid Total_cloud_cover
[2011-12-14T14:46:35.802+0000] ERROR ucar.nc2.ft.fmrc.Fmrc: makeFmrcInv
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: mixed intervals for grid Total_cloud_cover I think it is a result of dataset files changing the dimension name from "time" to "time1" for variable "Total_cloud_cover", but want to check.

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its probably an error in TDS 4.2 grib handling, that is being fixed in 4.3. Can you send me a sample file?
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