Re: [thredds] Collection Specification

Thanks a lot Tom.
I am aware of the ** option to select all sub-dirs. but can't use as I'm
trying to limit the extent of data files collected to the decade
1999-2009 and the current dir. structure includes dir through to the end
of 2010.
Assuming if regex not supported in path will have to consider moving to
a different dir. structure.


From: tom cook [mailto:tcook@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 14 December 2011 14:34
To: Comiskey, Glenn
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Subject: Re: [thredds] Collection Specification

This (sorta) works for me: 
.nc$" recheckAfter="15 min" name="USWC_6km_RTV_fmrc" olderThan="5 min"/>

The ** after the USWC chooses all directories. I didn't try any regular
expressions, since it doesn't seem like this supports traditional regex,
but your should be able to get wildcards in the directory path. Also, I
say sorta above because it's not working for me anymore. I think because
there are too many files in the directory and TDS chokes.

On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 5:24 AM, Comiskey, Glenn <g.comiskey@xxxxxxxx>

        Does the <featureCollection> <collection spec=""/>
</featureCollection> only support regular expresions in the filename
section, or is it suppose to support it in the directory path as well?
        Trying to select subdirectories 1999-2009 only:

        readCatalog(): full
path=C:\Tomcat\content\thredds\catalogs\f.xml; path=catalogs/f.xml
        readCatalog(): valid catalog -- ----Catalog Validation version
        **Error: DatasetFmrc =fnl directory=
<//fgwfnas1/data/fnl/grib1/fnl[12][09][09][0-9].*> does not exist

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