Re: [thredds] Compression by Gathering working with Thredds?

Hi Matthias,

No, the underlying netCDF-Java library does not handle CF "compression
by gathering". From this fairly recent (June 2011)  discussion on the CF
mailing list

it doesn't sound like it is used very widely. As suggested there, you
might consider netCDF-4 chunking/compression instead. Which is handled
by the netCDF-Java library and so by the TDS and ncWMS.


On 12/7/2011 1:07 AM, Matthias Müller wrote:
> Dear Thredds experts,
> in order to save us some disk space and maybe increase the performance
> of a Thredds/ncWMS server we are planning to apply "Compression by
> Gathering" (CF Conventions 1.6, section 8.2) to our landuse and
> land-bound climate datasets. Before adapting our data massaging routines
> I would like to make sure that the results will be compatible with the
> Thredds server.
> Can you please comfirm that Thredds supports netCDF files that utilize
> "Compression by Gathering"?
> Thank you,
> Matthias