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Hi Roy, Roberto:

Yes, we see the problem and will get a fix for it, thanks!


On 11/27/2011 8:13 PM, Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
Hi All:

This came up in the pydap  mail list.  I am quoting Roberto here:

Sorry, but the fact that it works with some clients doesn't mean it's working 
as intended. In that dataset there are two different ways to retrieve the time 


If you check the DDS responses above, you'll see that the two are identical. This is because 
"time" is a map in the "analysed_sst" grid, but also a variable in the root 
dataset, as we can see from the unconstrained DDS:

Now, if you replace the ".dds" extension in the two requests above with ".dods", you'll 
notice that the first one returns a "Request Too Big" error, while the second one is fine. My guess 
is that there's a bug in the code that estimates the size of the requests.

Why does this work with other clients? As far as I know, pydap is the only 
opendap client that does requests for the grid map (request #1 above), instead 
of requests for the root variable (#2). Other clients that I've seen prefer the 
second approach. I use the first one because... well, guess because I'm a 
purist who sometimes favors purism over practicality*. :-P

I can confirm what he reports here  (it actually started with an email from Chris Mueller 
who was getting the reported "Request too big" error on some datasets even 
though he was making small requests using the pydap client code.  If you use the html 
page or ERDDAP or toolsUI it works, but it fails with pydap for the reason given.  I 
believe Roberto is correct here that you should be able to query the grid map, which 
means there is an error of some sort.


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