Re: [thredds] alias and name in catalogRef not working as expected

Hi Ethan,

It essentially comes down to a long name vs a short name issue. I want to use the title for a human readable long name, but I'd like to be able to address the catalogs (and the datasets within them) with more concise, URL friendly names.


On 10/7/11 11:40 AM, Ethan Davis wrote:
Hi Doug,

In a catalogRef element, the 'xlink:title' attribute is used to name the
catalogRef, the 'name' attribute is ignored. In an InvCatalogRef object
you still access the name with getName()/setName().

The 'alias' attribute is not an alternate name for the dataset (if that
is why you're trying to set it). Rather, an 'alias' value references
another dataset in the catalog (by ID). The intent is to allow the same
dataset to appear in multiple places in the same catalog without having
to duplicate all the metadata and such. All properties and metadata in a
dataset with an 'alias' attribute is ignored in favor of that from the
referenced dataset.

If you want to explain the reason you are trying to set both
'xlink:title' and 'name', we can try to come up with another solution.



On 10/5/2011 9:21 AM, Doug Lindholm wrote:

I am trying to set a "name" or "alias" attribute in a catalogRef
element, but InvCatalogRef.getName() returns the xlink:title and
getAlias() returns null. The spec (and API) implies that the catalog ref
should behave as a dataset in this regard. Any suggestions short of
parsing the catalog xml myself?


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