Re: [thredds] Thredds WMS support for large source grids


I agree that SCANLINE should be enabled based on source grid size or as a configurable option, not file format. Would there be any disadvantage in making the default strategy configurable on a per-installation basis?

Kind regards,

On 12/09/11 03:42, Jon Blower wrote:
I haven't implemented Xiangtan's fix to force the SCANLINE data-reading 
strategy as sometimes this isn't the right thing to do (although it certainly 
is when datasets get very large).  I think this needs to be made configurable, 
or perhaps the switch to SCANLINE could happen when grids get above a certain 

Ben Caradoc-Davies <Ben.Caradoc-Davies@xxxxxxxx>
Software Engineering Team Leader
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering
Australian Resources Research Centre

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