[thredds] question about ncml joinNew aggregation type

Hi All

I'm having trouble doing what I thought was a fairly simple thing. During Hurricane Irene, our group at RENCI produced a set of storm runs, one for each of the NHC advisories for the storm. We convert the data to NetCDF. One of the guys on the project wants to be able to look at all of these storm runs as a single NetCDF array, arranged by the advisory number. So I created the following NCML to try to join the first two advisories:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="Irene Aggregated Results"

<service name="all" base="" serviceType="compound">
<service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
<service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/"/>
<!--service name="wcs" serviceType="WCS" base="/thredds/wcs/" /-->
<!--service name="wms" serviceType="WMS" base="/thredds/wms/" /-->
<!--service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/" /-->

<dataset name="Irene Aggregated" ID="IreneAggregated" urlPath="IreneAggregated.nc">
<netcdf xmlns="http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/namespaces/netcdf/ncml-2.2"; >
<variable name="advisory" type="int" >
<attribute name="units" value="NHC Advisory number"/>
<attribute name="_CoordinateAxisType" value="Ensemble"/>
<values> 15 16 </values>
<aggregation dimName="advisory" type="joinNew">
<variableAgg name="zeta"/>
<netcdf location="/projects/ncfs/2011_Irene/aggregation/SPDSnc6b-UNC_vortex-nws319_20110824T0000_20110824T0000_20110829T0000_00elev_Z.nc"/> <netcdf location="/projects/ncfs/2011_Irene/aggregation/SPDSnc6b-UNC_vortex-nws319_20110824T0600_20110824T0600_20110829T0600_06elev_Z.nc"/>


and included it in an existing threads catalog.xml. When I start TDS I get the following message in catalogInit.log and the data does not appear:

readCatalog(): full path=/usr/share/tomcat5/content/thredds/Irene.xml; path=Irene.xml
readCatalog(): valid catalog -- ----Catalog Validation version 1.0.01
**Warning: Dataset (Irene Aggregated): is selectable but no data type declared in it or in a parent element

I've been having a hard time understanding exactly what the message is trying to tell me. I though perhaps the issue was with the 2 NetCDF files that I was trying to aggregate, so I tried commenting out the aggregation itself and trying to create a dataset with just the advisory variable, but I got the same message. I imagine I have done something stupid, but I can't see what it is!

Any ideas?


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