Re: [thredds] Feature Collections and Aggregation

HI I'm doing this in a test mode, and things seem to working well so
I'll be eventually transitioning all my ncml aggregations soon. For
the HF radar national network thredds server at, you'll see the ncml aggregations
towards the top, and a "USWC_6km" link which is using the FMRC
collection. We are overwriting our netCDF files, and there were some
unresolvable errors with the ncml aggregations which were only fixable
by disabling netcdf caching. This slowed the requests down
considerably. After help from Rich Signell and John Caron, I was able
to use the FMRC "best" dataset to resolve this problem. It has been
working pretty well once I got around some of the initial setup.

Here's the portion of my catalog.xml that handles this:
<featureCollection name="USWC_6km" featureType="FMRC"
 <metadata inherited="true">
  <documentation type="Summary"> 6km HF Radar Data </documentation>
recheckAfter="15 min" name="USWC_6km_RTV_fmrc"
  olderThan="5 min"/>
 <!--   Re-scan the directory each hour at 5 minutes and 0 seconds
past the hour -->
 <update startup="true" rescan="0 5 * * * ? *" trigger="allow"/>
 <fmrcConfig regularize="false" datasetTypes="Best"/>

Good luck,

On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 10:09 AM, Roy Mendelssohn
<Roy.Mendelssohn@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> With TDS 4.2.x,  "Feature Collections" appear to be the preferred way to 
> perform aggregation of datasets.  Questions are:
> 1. Can you point me to a TDS server that is actually using this to perform 
> aggregation as opposed to FMRC aggregation, and which datasets are being 
> aggregated using this?
> 2. Can I get the actual catalog.xml  (or portion of it) for that dataset?
> I find seeing actual working examples more informative than what is often in 
> the tutorials.  This may be because of old age and denseness,   but it is 
> what works for me.
> Thanks,
> -Roy
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