Re: [thredds] threddsConfig.xml - <catalogRoot>


Thanks for the info.

Have no immediate use for <catalogRoot> elements in catalog.xml, though
that my change shortly, and was just checking functionality of the
element. While I appreciate that <catalogRoot> may be intended to serve
private catalogs, i.e. /thredds/catalog.xml for public use, and
<catalogRoot>.xml</catalogRoot> for private use, it just seems a bit odd
that the URL links the private catalog to the root of the public

That is to say:
Public: http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.xml ->
<catalogRef>catalog_2.xml -> <catalogRef>catlog_3.xml -> web page URL
back to http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.xml

Private: http://<server>:<port>/thredds/private.xml ->
<catalogRef>private_2.xml -> <catlogRef>private_3.xml -> web page URL
back to http://<server>:<port>/thredds/catalog.xml

I am assuming the URL is hardcoded somewhere, and hence why every link
is back to the public catalog.

Can envisage this being a bit of an annoyance shortly as due to start
generating large data volumes which will sit on our production server
and I will need to generate the catalog entries privately via
<catalogRoot> first to check all OK before copying to the public
catalog. Given that I will probably be drilling down through a number of
catalogs, I usually use the URL link to the catalog root as a quick way
to get back to the start again. Won't be able to do this as it will take
me from the private catalog tree to the public catalog root.




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Subject: Re: [thredds] threddsConfig.xml - <catalogRoot>
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Hi Glenn:

The idea with catalogRoot is to serve non-public catalogs. If you want
catalogs to be public, then link to them from the main catalog.xml.

So the answer is no, we dont have the ability to customize the
catalogRoots. Can you explain what your use case is?


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