Re: [thredds] THREDDS Catalogs


Have upgraded to v4.2.7 and subsequently discovered that use of
$TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\catalog directory (NOTE: Path specified
using backslash as working on a Windows server) in a catalogRef, whether
it be "catalog/grib_catalog.xml" or /catalog/grib_catalog.xml", does not
work. However, creating a new sub-directory, i.e.
$TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\test, and using
xlink:href="test/grib_catalog.xml" works, though
xlink:href="/test/grib_catalog.xml" still fails.

Cannot readily find any difference between the .\catalog and the .\test
directories to explain behaviour, i.e. both appear to have the same
security settings.




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Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 12:17:47 +0100
From: "Comiskey, Glenn" <g.comiskey@xxxxxxxx>
To: <thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [thredds] THREDDS Catalogs
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Have a root catalog ($TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\catalog.xml) with a
catalogRef entry "<catalogRef xlink:title="Datasets Catalog"
xlink:href="datasets_catalog.xml" name="" />" with the catalog file
datasets_catalog.xml in the same directory.
The datasets_catalog.xml has a catalogReg entry " <catalogRef
xlink:title="GRIB Test Catalog" xlink:href="/catalog/grib_catalog.xml"
name="" />" with catalog file grib_catalog.xml in the directory
$TOMCAT_HOME\content\thredds\catalog. However when browsing the THREDDS
catalog and accessing the "GRIB Test Catalog" I get an HTTP 404 error.
According to the TDS Catalogs web page
logConfiguration.html) is states that use of a slash (/) when detailing
a xlink:href attribute points to a catalog beneath the root catalog
path, i.e. $TOMCAT\content\thredds +\catalog\grib_catalog.xml =
$TOMCAT\content\thredds\catalog\grib_catalog.xml. Am I missing something
or is something not working properly in THREDDS v4.2.6?
Note: Have specified the xlink:ref using both backslash and slash as the
server is running on Windows which uses the backslash as the path
seperator, but get the same result regardless.
Kind regards,
Glenn Comiskey
Data System Administrator