[thredds] THREDDS Catalog - service element

It is my understanding that once a "service" has been defined within a
catalog it can be referenced regardless of whether it is nested as part
of "serviceType=Compound" or not, i.e. to quote Dataset Inventory
Catalog Specification Version 1.0
c.html#service> ) "Nested service elements may also be used directly by
dataset or access elements, and so must have unique names."
Given the following "service" THREDDS v4.2.6 catalog declarations:
  <service name="all"  serviceType="Compound" base="">
    <service name="most" serviceType="Compound" base="">
      <service name="iso"  serviceType="ISO"
base="/thredds/iso/"       />
      <service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP"
base="/thredds/dodsC/"     />
      <service name="ncss" serviceType="NetCDFSubset"
base="/thredds/ncss/grid/" />
      <service name="ncml" serviceType="NCML"
base="/thredds/ncml/"      />
      <service name="uddc" serviceType="UDDC"
base="/thredds/uddc/"    />
      <service name="wcs"  serviceType="WCS"
base="/thredds/wcs/"       />
      <service name="wms"  serviceType="WMS"
base="/thredds/wms/"       />
    <service name="http" serviceType="HTTPServer"
base="/thredds/fileServer/" />
I would expect to be able to specify any of the delcared "name" values
as part of a dataset's "serviceName" attribute or part of an "access"
element, i.e. serviceName="odap", serviceName="iso", serviceName="http".
However, I find I can only use values "all", "most" and "http", i.e. the
uppermost compound service (all), its nested compound and child
declarations (most, http), but not the nested, nested child declarations
(iso, odap, ncss, ncml, uddc, wcs, wms).
Is this a case of my understanding regarding the use of "service"
declarations being wrong, or is something amiss?
Kind regards,
Glenn Comiskey
Data System Administrator
Fugro Global Environment & Ocean Sciences
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