Re: [thredds] THREDDS Garbage Collection Tuning

Hi Rich,

We haven't ever really fiddled with GC parameters, instead we leave the
whole GC settings up to the "-server" JVM.

We've never seen this error on our servers. It doesn't look like your
error message is related to the "OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" issue
so I'm not sure "-XX:MaxPermSize" will help.

Have you tried adding more memory to the heap ("-Xmx")? And if so did it


On 6/1/2011 9:24 AM, Rich Signell wrote:
> THREDDS folk,
> Have folks played around with Garbage Collection tuning parameters
> besides "-XX:MaxPermSize" to help tomcat/TDS permgen errors?
> Our TDS tomcat is throwing "GC overhead limit exceeded" errors again.
> I know on the Unidata TDS page
> it says the only thing you can do is increase -XX:MaxPermSize, which
> only delays the problem, solved only by restarting tomcat.
> But in this Garbage Collection tuning article
> they describe many different options, and I'm wondering whether folks
> have tried using these, or whether they just don't do any good.
> Thanks,
> Rich

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