[thredds] Examples for forecast-data aggregation on thredds


we are currently trying to put our forecast data on our thredds server. We have already some oceanografic data out on http://thredds.met.no/thredds/myocean/ARC-MFC/myoceanv1-class1-arctic.html There, we gather the model-runs into 'Bulletins' and create a 'Best estimate'-dataset by creating a very long netcdf-aggregation, joining all the data we assume best line by line in the catalog.xml file. We don't use the forecast_reference_time yet.

I've been looking at the aggregation as explained in http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/ncml/v2.2/FmrcAggregation.html, which looks quite promising though I don't understand everything yet. Are the netcdf-internal variables (_CoordinateAxisType) required, or will it work with pure CF? Will there be many data consisting of _FillValue since data is usually only defined close to the diagonal in a time/forecast_reference_time matrix?

And, since examples often say more than explanations:
Does somebody have a FmrcAggregation Dataset on a publicly accessible server? Eventually with access to the single model-runs as well?

And maybe, does somebody have grib-data on a publicly accessible server? With aggregation?

Are there other examples of aggregations used for forecasts?

Best regards,


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