Re: [thredds] Disabling the cache for file that are routinely overwritten

Hi Rich:

1) I wonder what happens if the TDS is in the middle of reading the file when it gets overwritten?

2) What is the use case for this overwriting?

On 5/20/2011 12:48 PM, Rich Signell wrote:
TDS folks,

We have several providers that routinely overwrite files with new
data, for example, overwriting a file called "" with new
data each day.

As I understand it from reading
it appears that if we don't want to cache certain datasets, we have two choices:

1) Turn off caching for ALL datasets served by TDS, by modifying the
threddsConfig.xml to read:

2) Turn off caching for AN INDIVIDUAL dataset served by TDS, by
setting a<datasetRoot>  with the cache="false"/>  option, and then
specifying each individual dataset.

But if we have a bunch of datasets in a directory that we would like
to turn off caching for, is there a way to turn off caching in
I tried using<datasetRoot with cache="false">  in the specification of
a<datasetScan>  but that didn't seem to work.

I certainly could have missed something.   But if not, it would be
nice to have more ability to control the cache on a dataset-by-dataset
basis in the future.


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