Re: [thredds] NcML aggregation strangely pulling files from multiple datasets

Hi John:

On 5/19/2011 3:24 PM, John Maurer wrote:
Hi all,
I'm seeing some weird behavior today with one of our joinExisting NcML aggregations for high-frequency radio (HFR). The OPeNDAP page lists variables that are from a totally different dataset (e.g. HFR does not measure water temperature): I looked at "content/thredds/cache/agg/" at the aggregation cache file for the dataset (hioos-hfr-kokagg) and it confirms that it's strangely pulling files from 3 unrelated datasets: a glider, an NCOM global FMRC, and the HFR data. Since nothing has changed recently in my config file for the dataset and I haven't recently upgraded TDS, this has me worried about a possible disk problem from recent power outages? The three datasets are not subdirectories of each other, so I don't see how TDS can be lumping them together. Any ideas what could be causing this?

A brief look at what you put on ftp confirms it : its a mystery ;^(

No chance you are playing games with symlinks is there?

In addition to the above, 5 of my FMRC's are suddenly inaccessible today as well and were recently working just fine. It would seem their file aggregations may have similarly gone haywire as well, but their cache files under "content/thredds/collection/" (right?) are binary (.jdb) so I can't confirm whether they're combining multiple datasets.

If you have remote debugging on (and you should!) you can look at the files with:

https://server/thredds/admin/debug?Collections/showFmrcCache <>

The catalogs give an error in threddsServlet.log with the message:
at ucar.nc2.ft.fmrc.FmrcDataset.getNetcdfDataset2D(
        at ucar.nc2.ft.fmrc.Fmrc.getDataset2D(

can you send the file content/thredds/logs/featureCollectionScan.log ?

What's the best way for me to clear all TDS caches? Is it safe to remove "content/thredds/cache/" entirely?, and then restart Tomcat/TDS? Will it get re-built then automatically after I access each dataset?

yes, its safe, as roy says, it just slows things down. stop tds, remove, restart.

i just did a bug fix release 4.2.7 with slightly better logging in case you want to install it.

if you see this again, zip up content/thredds/cache/agg/* and send it.

Roy have you seen this before, where random directories get put into the joinExisting xml cache file ?

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