Re: [thredds] aggregating gridded (tiled) netcdf files along lat and long to form one WMS layer

Hi John, thanks for your help.

Our actual tiles are 70 megs each so not super easy to send, but i think its easy to reproduce..

if there are 4 tiles like:

<netcdf location="file:P:/" section="0:10,0:10"/>
<netcdf location="file:P:/" section="0:10,11:20"/>
<!-- <netcdf location="file:P:/" section="11:20,11:20"/>  -->
<netcdf location="file:P:/" section="11:20,0:10"/>

commenting or uncommenting will give you a big 'zero' patch, not a null (transparent) patch in the wms response.

we have done a workaround for this (and the problem of naming tiles individually) by writing a script to generate the thredds config and to identify/generate tiles with null values for the appropriate lat/longs, so everything is working fine, but its not ideal ongoingly.



Le 4/05/2011 7:26 PM, John Caron a écrit :
On 5/3/2011 9:23 AM, Ivan PRICE wrote:
Another question regarding tiled aggregation in case anyone knows anything about this..

our data is in a regular grid, but the grid is not always completely rectangular, e.g. for instance when following a coastline there maybe missing tiles where the land is when plotting data for the sea. currently if they are left out of the thredds config they are coloured according to the 'zero' value, and not the 'null' vaue. is this configurable or do we need to ensure the tile coverage is always completely rectangular ?

hmm, i would have thought you get missing values. do you have a test case i can reproduce?


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