[thredds] Exclude files from location scan to create an aggregation


We want to create an aggregation with files inside the location directory,
but excluding some files. We have tried to define the scan location with
regular expression, but I think is not supported.
Then we fix it with the suffix attribute as you can see in the code bellow.

<aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting" recheckEvery="15m">
suffix="[0-9][0-9].nc" subdirs="true"/>

But we think isn't a good solution. So, we suggest define a filter to
exclude directories and files, like inside the <datasetScan> element, inside
the <aggregation> element. Or define the scan location with regular



 Kristian Sebastian Blalid
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E-mail: kristian.sebastian@xxxxxxxx <sonia.gomara@xxxxxxxx> /
kristian.sebastian@xxxxxx <sonia.gomara@xxxxxx>
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