[thredds] cache options for large aggregated datasets

Hi everybody!

I have installed Tomcat6 and Thredds 4.2, and everything is working fine, i just have some questions about performance on the access of large aggregated dataset.

I am serving some aggregated data (about 38 Gb) and when i try to acess the Dataset Access Form from the catalog, thredds spend too much time to show me the page.

I try enable all the cache options (netcdffile cache, aggregation cache and netcdfdataset cache), but it still take a lot of time (about 3 minutes) to open the Data Acess Form and consequentily to acess the data.

Is this behavior normal with this size of aggregate dataset?

This is my cache options in threddsConfig.xml

    <scour>-1 hours</scour>
    <maxAge>30 days</maxAge>

    <scour>30 min</scour>

    <scour>30 min</scour>

Did i forgeted some aditional setup option?

Also i have noted that in the directory $TOMCAT/content/thredds/cache/agg, the filename of the caches is ending with #null, (e.g. reanalise-ncep1.nc#null) is there something wrong during the creation of the cache?

Thanks for attention!

Tiago Bomventi

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