Re: [thredds] TDS performance and NetCDF file size

Hi Jay,

We tend to like large files rather than lots of small files.

The TDS currently only writes netCDF-3 files without large file support.
So, the NetcdfSubset service is limited to 2 Gb files.

Hope that helps,


On 4/19/2011 10:09 AM, Jay Alder wrote:
> Hello, I'm was wondering if there is a rule of thumb on NetCDF file
> sizes in TDS? I'm building a catalog of regional model data and I'm
> faced with the decision of structuring my files as one variable/file or
> all variables/file. The all in one approach would likely create files
> between 5-10Gb in the worse case scenario. Are there any performance
> drawbacks with large files, specifically WMS and NetcdfSubset? Are there
> any upper limits on file size NetcdfSubset can create? I saw there were
> some large file size problems last May using HTTPServer, but I expect to
> primarily use NetcdfSubset so users can cherry pick the variables
> they're interested in.
> Thanks
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> Jay Alder
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