[thredds] question on thredds cache


My apologies if the following question have been asked and answered previously.

Our ORNL DAAC TDS (4.2.2, at http://thredds.daac.ornl.gov/thredds) is hosting 
some *.nc.gz netcdf files, with sizes in the range of 400-600 Mbytes (without 
decompress). We have a subsetting tool hit the server, with this issue: if the 
service URLs are not accessed for a while, the first hit to these URL will be 
very slow, and it becomes fast again after that, until the next time if server 
idles for a while (no user hits it), at which time it becomes very slow again 
for the next hit - the slow response sometime made the subsetting tool to throw 
a connection time out error.

I assume the server must be doing caching of the compressed files somehow, and 
the server does clean up the cache if a compressed file is not accessed in a 
while. If yes, is there a way to cache them longer (or perpetually)?


Jerry Yun Pan, Ph.D
Environmental Science Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
phone: 678-770-3721

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