Re: [thredds] Odd black tile in TDS/WMS/Godiva2

Thanks for looking into this.  It truly seems to be an "edge case".  ;-)
Jon Blower might take a while to respond, as this is EGU week.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:56 PM, Ethan Davis <edavis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> Oddly, if you zoom around or play with the BBOX, you can get the black
> box to go away. Here are two BBOX:
> BBOX=141.5,35.71111232908,145.11494567866,37.1
> BBOX=142.0,35.71111232908,145.11494567866,37.1
> The first produces an image without a black box. The second produces an
> image that is partially black. The only difference is in the first value
> (minx).
> I just set my test server up to serve this dataset (using the remote
> OPeNDAP access) and I'm seeing the same problem. No useful log messages
> in threddsServlet.log, catalina.out, or localhost.*.log.
> I'll look at this in the debugger later today or tomorrow to see if I
> can figure out what is going on. Jon Blower might have some insight into
> what is happening here. I'm also wondering if the current ncWMS code
> (which will be part of TDS 4.3) has solved this problem.
> Ethan
> On 4/6/2011 9:35 AM, Rich Signell wrote:
>> TDS WMS folks,
>> [I asked this on the ncWMS list, but though it would be wise to ask
>> here as well]
>> Have any of you seen this strange "black tile" behaviour in 
>> TDS/ncWMS/Godiva2?
>> I'm using the WMS on TDS 4.2.5, and clicking the "Godiva2" link on the
>> bottom of the page.
>> When I look at some Fukushima forecast sea-surface temperature fields
>> from 
>> <>
>> I see a black tile in the bottom right of my window for "water_temp"
>> and other variables (except for sea_water_velocity, which is odd,
>> since the eastward and northward velocity both have the black tile).
>> In case you don't want to fire up your browser, here's what it looks like:
>> Yet if I ask the WMS for a water_temp image over the same region for
>> the same time, it looks fine:
>> If I click right click on the black tile in Godiva2 and copy "image
>> location" I get
>> <,32.757265625006,146.07398681642,36.593430175788&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256>
>> which indeed returns black.
>> If I copy the "image location" on a tile that works, I get
>> <,36.593430175788,146.07398681642,40.429594726569&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256>
>> which works fine.
>> I really can't see any difference between these except for the bounds.
>> I'm mystified.
>> Help?
>> Thanks
>> -Rich
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