Re: [thredds] vector / contour plots using Thredds WMS

Hi Ivan,

Glad it's working for you!  It might be better to use the standard_name 
attribute for the variable, and pick from the list of CF standard names 

For example:

<variable name="U10" standard_name="eastward_wind"/>

(In order to look for vector components, THREDDS looks first at the 
standard_name, then the long_name then the name.)


Hi there,

i answered my question.. i needed to use NetCDF tag in the catalog..  
now i can see the auto vector layer.. which is great.


<datasetScan ID="output" name="zzzz" path="yyyy" location="xxxx" 
<metadata inherited="true">
<include wildcard="*.nc" />
<netcdf xmlns=""; >
<variable name="eastward_wind" orgName="U10"/>
<variable name="northward_wind" orgName="V10" />
<addLatest />
<addDatasetSize />

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