Re: [thredds] vector / contour plots using Thredds WMS

Hi there,

i answered my question.. i needed to use NetCDF tag in the catalog.. now i can see the auto vector layer.. which is great.


<datasetScan ID="output" name="zzzz" path="yyyy" location="xxxx" harvest="true">
<metadata inherited="true">
<include wildcard="*.nc" />
<netcdf xmlns=""; >
<variable name="eastward_wind" orgName="U10"/>
<variable name="northward_wind" orgName="V10" />
<addLatest />
<addDatasetSize />

Le 29/03/2011 11:04 AM, Ivan PRICE a écrit :
Hi Jon,

sorry for being dense, i'm a complete newbie to thredds. Are you suggesting that the variables in the NetCDF file need to be eastward_x and northward_x, and that thredds will recognise them as potential vectors and give me a 'virtual' variable x i can plot ?

currently my data has 'U10' and 'V10' (as well as 'U' and 'V' with height dimensions), so do i need to point northward_ etc prefixes to them somehow ?



Le 28/03/2011 8:43 PM, Jon Blower a écrit :
Hi Ivan,

I believe the facility to plot vectors is available in the latest TDS, unless Ethan can correct me? (Contour plotting is still not implemented in TDS or standalone ncWMS.)

All you have to do is to use paired standard_names of "eastward_" and "northward_", e.g.


and a vector layer called sea_water_velocity will be automatically created. The default style for this layer will be a colour plot of the magnitude of the field overlain with basic vector arrows (not wind barbs).

Hope this works for you - let me know if not.



Hi there,

I'm interested in getting 'vector-like' NetCDF rendering via the Thredds
WMS connector.. for making contour  / wind direction maps.

In searching the archives i see that my question has been answered here:

in that i can't at this stage, as the VECTOR style isn't implemented.  I
was wondering if there is an update on this functionality since then, or
if anyone has any advice in implementing this type of functionality in
some other way.. hopefully with minimal pre-processing of the NetCDF
file beforehand.



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