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I think I may have asked this in person at one point, but I don't recall.
 Is there a way to search or query the main (and sub) catalog in TDS?

We have our data set up hierarchically as such:


It would be tremendously advantageous for extracting subsetted data from our
archives if we would be able to query the TDS catalog and obtain the paths
and/or create aggregations based on the query input.

For example, assume I have a TDS that has crawled through our data organized
as above and created it's catalog structure.  If I wanted to get all the
grids of MESH (multi-radar maximum expected size of hail) between 04 June
2009 21z and 06 June 2009 04 z, is there a way that I can query the
catalog(s) to get the span of data I am requesting?

I'd be eager to hear if anything like this is possible - or how i might set
up my configuration to possibly allow for something similar.

Many thanks!



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