Re: [thredds] Providing data access to GIS users

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the update. Sounds promising.

All, thanks for filling in the blanks.

Jay, let me know if you are still having trouble with your TDS.


On 3/22/2011 10:20 AM, Kyle Shannon wrote:
> I am fairly certain that the y-flip issue is fixed in gdal, and it also
> handles all of the grid_mapping values/projections in cf-1.4.  Arc uses
> GDAL-1.6 right now, but I believe that they will make the jump to 1.8.x
> where these issues have been implemented. 
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> On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 08:29, Roy Mendelssohn <Roy.Mendelssohn@xxxxxxxx
> <mailto:Roy.Mendelssohn@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     ArcGIS and Mapserver both make heavy use of GDAL, and the fact that
>     they work together is probably more a reflection of the shared code
>     base than that they necessarily do something correctly.  While GDAL
>     is a great library,  I have had similar problems in how it handles
>     OPeNDAP and netCDF files  (it flips the images), in cases where the
>     grids etc were clearly specified in CF conventions - they were just
>     being ignored and GDAL was imposing its own interpretations.
>     The question is not whether ArcGIS works with MapServer, but whether
>     the WCS service implemented in THREDDS correctly follows the
>     standard, and  provides enough information for a client to interpret
>     what it receives correctly. If the answer is yes, then we should be
>     talking to ESRI et al. about implementing their client correctly to
>     follow the standard.  The equivalent would be saying I should change
>     my CF compliant netCDF files to suit GDAL, rather than have GDAL
>     learn the standard.
>     My $0.02.
>     -Roy

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