[thredds] Providing data access to GIS users

Hello all, I am new to using TDS, so I apologize if some of my question are 
obvious. I've been tasked to look into ways of providing regional climate model 
data (all NetCDFs) to GIS users. I had hoped TDS would be able to provide this 
function through WCS, but it doesn't appear to work in ArcGIS (I tried version 
10 this morning). The WCS service loads and lists the model variables, but when 
I add the layer it more or less says "error".  I tried Environmental Data 
Connector (EDC), but without administrative rights I was unable to install the 
ArcMap plugin and had to use the stand alone version. I ran into two problems: 
1) it didn't list any of the 3D or 4D variables (only 2D) and 2) it removed the 
CF projection information (Lambert_Conformal), which unacceptable.

In short, what is the preferred method for providing access to GIS users other 
than having them download the whole file? I'm looking for a solution other than 
just FTP. I also tried enabling NetCDF sub-setting, but my THREDDS servlet 
(version 4.2) gives a 404 error page for dataset.html (even through OpenDAP and 
HTTPServer works). If they can sub-set the file to only download certain 
variables it would make the downloads a lot lighter. I can also write a GUI 
application that would automatically include the projection info and related 

I'm sorry if these questions are silly or have already been covered, but we 
have on the order of 250 Tb of regional climate data that we're trying to make 
accessible to users (which are primarily GIS folks).


Jay Alder

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