[thredds] Large aggregation best practices

There have been several messages lately discussing aggregation caches,
and the responses have been helpful.  I'm wondering if there are agreed
upon best practices for building the aggregations so that THREDDS
handles the caching correctly, as well as managing the cache if the data
under the aggregation changes?

Specifically, we have a set of aggregations that take upwards of an hour
to build the initial cache in the cache/agg directory, and since the
datasets won't be changing, I'd like to keep this cache permanently.  I
set scour to -1 as was suggested here.  Are others warming up their
cache as I'm trying to do and succeeding in keeping the cached data

Jordan Walker
Center for Integrated Data Analytics (CIDA)
USGS WI Water Science Center
8505 Research Way Middleton WI 53562
608-821-3842 | 608-370-1908 (cell)

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