[thredds] MetaCrawling

[My apologies for the cross-post - I'm not exactly sure how much overlap exists 
between the opendap and the THREDDS and ncISO lists.]

OPeNDAP is pleased to announce its first release of software that can crawl 
OPeNDAP servers to collect, process and generate metadata. This alpha-level 
software, written in Java, is being released because it seems to be synchronous 
with similar efforts by other groups pursuing similar ideas about automatic 
metadata generation.

This software crawls OPeNDAP servers that can return THREDDS catalogs; Examines 
patterns in URLs to form 'logical datasets;' and builds NCML and/or EML 
metadata records describing the datasets found during the crawl/grouping 
process. The NCML built is used to describe aggregations of the (often 
numerous) URLs in a logical dataset (using a JoinNew aggregation) and the EML 
is used to describe datasets (either single- or multi-URL) for search/discovery 
using the Metacat database.

This is an alpha release, but it's packaged so that the parts all work using 
command-line scripts and ant targets. You also need Postgres. The generation of 
both NCML and EML uses the same technique as with ncISO - transforms of XML 
using XSL - so it should be easy to add generation of ISO to the mix.

Questions welcome: support@xxxxxxxxxxx or to any of the lists


James Gallagher
jgallagher at opendap.org

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