Re: [thredds] Thredds 4.2.2 not honoring binLimit?

On 3/1/2011 9:33 AM, Mike Berkley wrote:
We have installed Thredds 4.2.2 as part of the CMIP5 project, and we
would like to use Thredds to serve non-CMIP5 data.  The simplest way
to do so seems to be via a datasetScan catalog.  Unfortunately, I
cannot get Thredds to honor binLimit on the datasetScan catalog.

On the CMIP5 side (ESG), we can download huge datasets.

On the non-CMIP5 (Thredds only), we are restricted to no more than 500MB.

I have uncommented the<Opendap>  section in threddsConfig.xml, and
increased the limits, but this seems to have no effect.  Thredds is
reading the contact and institution information from
threddsConfig.xml, but the limits are not changed.

Any ideas on how to debug this problem?

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Hi Mike:

0) i assume that you have restarted TDS since you made the change to threddsConfig?

1) look in {tomcat}/content/thredds/logs/serverStartup.log, you should see a line like:

2011-02-22T08:59:21.377-0700 [      5658][       5] serverStartup: 
thredds.server.opendap.OpendapServlet version= opendap/3.7 ascLimit = 50 
binLimit = 500

these should reflect what you have in threddsConfig.xml.

2) check for misspelling in threddsConfig.xml, should be:


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