Re: [thredds] remove dimension with ncml?

On 10/21/2010 8:36 AM, Remon Sadikni wrote:
 Dear THREDDS Users,

I do not manage to remove a dimension with NcML. I want to remove the dimension called ensemble from a variable thetao, which has 5 dimensions: time, ensemble, level, lat, lon, because Ferret (and LAS) can only read in 4 dimensional variables. Maybe you can see a mistake in my code?

<dataset name="test" ID="test" urlPath="test">
<metadata inherited="true">
<netcdf xmlns=""; location="http://...";>
<remove name="ensemble" type="dimension" />

Or is it not possible to remove a dimension? I found this possibility in the NcML-2.2 Schema, but I did not find any examples for removing dimensions. I should also mention, that I access the File via OPeNDAP in the location attribute of the netcdf-tag, but this should be no problem, because I managed to remove variables in the same way (<remove name="level" type="variable">).

Thank you very much!

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Hi Remon:

You can remove a dimension object, but it sounds like you want to reshape a variable, which is quite different. Is that correct?


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